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Our Investments

We don’t just invest, we build companies with culture, teams and values.

Global K9 Protection Group is an industry leading company in best in class air cargo screening services at over thirty major US cities. 

Company's cloud-based application delivers a unique capability to record the Canine Teams search activities in real-time and store them to an archival database.

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Airblox is a fin-tech marketplace for cargo capacity, bridging the gap between logistics and capital markets. The platform allows for airlines and freight forwarders to trade air cargo capacity and for lenders to finance standardize capacity contracts. Company's product Electronic Block Space Agreements, is flexible, agile and tactical tool for market participants to visualize their exposure, expand or contract their capabilities and best of all, another way to manage their risk in real time. 


MIC Cargo provides technology based ground handling and pharmaceutical warehousing services at O’Hare airport.  In 4.5 years, the company became the second largest handler at O’Hare International Airport.


MIC Cargo was acquired by Alliance Ground International, the largest ground handling company in North America. Inoa Ventures  retained an interest in AGI and its leadership holds key executive positions there.


Z5’s AI-backed inventory platform provides real time insight into inventory management for hospitals, pharmacies and medical device companies. Using a proprietary software, Z5 ensures that product is used before expiry.

Z5 provides services to over 400 hospitals across the United States and is one of the major providers of such services to the industry.

CardioDyme has developed and commercialized one of the leading Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD) in the world. Company's revolutionary pump and properller design was inspired by NASA's technology for spacecraft gas tanks. 

Cardiodyme is currently seeking FDA approval for its pump and is expected to grow its presence in 2023 within the North American market. 


Aligned Medical Solutions (AMS) is a world class domestic producer of sterile custom procedure trays (CPTs) and non-sterile kits, addressing special needs of surgeons around the country. 

AMS has production facilities in Billings, Montana.

CDX Medical Technologies is focused on cardiac conditions, and has developed a transformative circulatory bypass blood pump platform in combination with an oxygenator, known as ECMO. This technology enables early mobility for patients.

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Ccore Medical manufactures high quality sterile and non-sterile drapes, gowns and accessories for use in for use in clinical settings.

Rampex provides technology based de-icing, anti-icing and fluid management solutions to domestic and international airlines as well as airports. They are based in Chicago.

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My Kargo provides a hardware and software solution to capture information on freight and facility operations, enabling the automation of inbound and outbound processes. The dashboard provides a single source of truth for freight and facility operations, providing visibility, flag exceptions and the ability to generate reports.

Kinect Air provides online regional mobility platform for on-demand flight service to between regional airports, allowing users to book small planes via phone app.​

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Deepblocks is a software solution for property development that allows for finding and modeling sites based on zoning parameters and market data, reducing time for development planning.

B2C credit card payment platform that allows for storefront owners to enable contactless ordering as well as a fast and easy checkout experience for consumers who can order through the platform. 

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